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Science News on Time Travel
Posted October 20, 2019
Ghost Hunters on A&E
Posted August 19, 2019
Loch Ness Musical
Posted August 22, 2019

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  1. I’m sure this has already been addressed by now but into regards of your jfk assassination you guys said LBJ was Kennedy’s opponent and that how he became vice. That’s not true LBJ was Kennedy’s running mate. The losing opponent becoming vice ended many many years before that.


    1. Hello Nicole! Sorry about the embarrassingly long delay in reaching out to you. If that was said, it was certainly a mistake and I appreciate you reaching out about it. I am working on revamping the site and we are also transitioning from radio and podcast to podcast only. I will be sure to make an addendum and see about adding notes to or even re-editing that episode to reflect that.

      Thank you again,
      Brianna Kroeker


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