Chasing Shadows During A Pandemic

We are wishing everyone a safe and *somewhat* sane time during this global pandemic. We have never dealt with anything like this in our lives and we are learning new ways to adapt and stay safe.

We recently created a studio for us to record in so we can continue to put out episodes and get back to a sense of normalcy. We have extra time on our hands so we will be posting new content in addition to new episodes including a new segment of Bri and Josh’s called Chasing Shadows Presents: Horror Movie Funhouse.

Horror Movie Funhouse’s first episode is in response to the movie The Endless produced by A24 and written and directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. In these segments we will be watching previews to scary movies, making predictions, and discussing the results! For years Bri has talked a big game about how good she is at predicting the plot to horror films, and now we will be keeping track!

As always, we would love to hear from our listeners and are always taking suggestions for topics – now including horror films for our new segment!

Stay safe, wash your hands, and wear your mask!

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