Oregon’s First Big Foot Museum

Boring, Oregon is home to the state’s first Big Foot museum called the North American Bigfoot Center. A specially built ‘life-size’ model of a bigfoot is the prized attraction. Built in Ohio, Murphy is said to be happy to have been relocated to his new home in Oregon. Cliff Barackman is the man, myth, and bigfootContinue reading “Oregon’s First Big Foot Museum”

Ghost Hunters: Soon to Investigate the Manson Murder House

Fox News Article Shares Details About Upcoming Investigation In case you are not familiar with the Manson Murders, let us give you a re-cap. In 1969, seven people were murdered by followers of a cult lead by Charles Manson. One of the victims was the pregnant actress Sharon Tate. Recently, the home in which theContinue reading “Ghost Hunters: Soon to Investigate the Manson Murder House”