The Killer Kraken

In this episode of Chasing Shadows Radio Josh, Erik, Robert and Producer Bri look back to the expanse of the bottom of the ocean to find out whether or not the mythical kraken still exists. From slippery cephalopods to terrifying tentacles, this episode leaves us wondering whether or not we are safe on the deep blue seas.

Shadows in History- The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

In this episode of Chasing Shadows Producer Bri explains the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments and looks into the reasons that American doctors were willing to experiment on unknowing participants in rural African-American communities in the South. We’re not Chasing Shadows with this one, we are looking at shadows in history.

Which Paranormal Topic Is Most Likely To Be Real?

In this episode Josh, Erik, Robert and Producer Bri look back on all of the shows they have made while on KXRW Vancouver and try and figure out which is the most likely (and least likely) to be real

Technology-Based Superpowers

In this episode, Josh, Erik, and Robert look at the superpowers granted by technology and how they can help humans achieve superhero like powers like zoom-able vision and Iron Man style exo-suits.

Human Superpowers

On this episode of Chasing Shadows Josh, Erik and Robert investigate cases of alleged super human abilities and whether or not the claims they make are true. Do human super powers exist or are we just chasing shadows?

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