Ancient Giants

In this episode of Chasing Shadows Josh and Erik investigate whether or not there was an ancient species of ancient giants living in the past, and whether or not the Smithsonian Institute has been covering their existence up for decades.

Time Travel

In this episode of Chasing Shadows Josh, Erik, Robert, and Bri look into time travel and whether or not the smartest minds humanity has had to offer have figured out how to make time travel work? Will wormholes send us into the future?

Can black holes make everyone old? Is Back to the Future the best time travel movie? 

Goop Labs

In this episode, Producer Bri leads the investigation with Josh, Erik, and Robert looking into Gwyneth Paltrow’s online store,”lifestyle brand”, and new Netflix show – Goop.

Is the movie star using pseudoscience to sell snake oil, or is there more to the products they have to offer?


In this episode of Chasing Shadows Josh, Erik, and Robert look into the belief that the exhaust from planes has been intentionally laced with chemicals – or chemtrails. Does the technology for this conspiracy exist and is there any evidence it is happening? From crop dusters to to cloud seeding, we investigate whether chemtrails are a real threat or if we are just chasing shadows?

Gene Editing

In this episode Josh, Erik, and Robert investigate whether or not it is possible to make changes to the genetic code of living beings.

Are we on track to create the next Jurassic Park or zombie apocalypse, or are we just chasing shadows?

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