The Psychic Murderer

In this episode Josh, Erik and Robert look at a case in Florida where a woman claimed to have a psychic vision where she saw the dead body of her friend, and was able to take police right to where her body had actually been left.

Is this a case of paranormal intervention or are we just chasing shadows?

Ed and Lorraine Warren

In this episode of Chasing Shadows Josh, Erik and Robert investigate the true life counterparts to the main characters from the wildly popular Conjuring series.

From the Amityville Horror to the world’s most haunted doll, were Ed and Lorraine warren just chasing shadows?


In this episode of Chasing Shadows Josh, Erik, and Robert look for evidence of the shape shifting creatures known as Skinwalkers.

After that they head to Utah to investigate the claims of the Skinwalker Ranch and the billionaire who bought it to open up a research center on it.


In this episode of Chasing Shadows, Josh and Erik look at the history of vampires and European folklore that spawned the vampires we see in movies and television today.

Does any good evidence exist that proves the existence of vampires?


In this episode Josh, Erik, and Robert look to the stars to see if they can tell us our future and personality types based on what they find! From horoscopes to star signs, we investigate whether or not we are just chasing shadows on the topic of Astrology

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