The Legendary Yeti

In this episode of Chasing Shadows Josh, Erik and Robert look for evidence of the Abominable Snowman in the Himalayas.

From DNA testing of mummified remains, to expeditions by famous explorers to find the legendary beast, are we just chasing shadows with stories of the famous yeti?

Beyond the Da Vinci Code – The Arcadian Landscapes

In this episode Josh and Bri continue the Beyond the Da Vinci Code series with a look into some of the mysteries surrounding Nicolas Poussin and how his involvement in a centuries old mystery helped inspire the Da Vinci Code. From tombs to hidden images, are we just chasing shadows with the Poussin Code?

Shadows In History – Christopher Columbus

It’s time to take a look into history and see what might be hiding in the shadows. In this episode Josh, Erik, and Robert look at the misconceptions surrounding Christopher Columbus. Is he the famed explorer of the New World that he gets the recognition for, or is his story more blood soaked then the history books teach us?


In this episode Producer Bri is back to co-host with Josh! They explore the world of demonic possession and exorcisms, particularly how the media influences them. With a focus on the documentary The Devil and Father Amorth, which was directed by William Freidkin, the director of The Exorcist. Is there hostile entities taking over people’s bodies, or something else to blame?

Shadow People

In this episode of Chasing Shadows Josh, Erik, and Robert explore the phenomenon of shadow people and it’s origins.

Whether people believe it is ghosts, sleep paralysis, extra dimensional travelers, or just Peter Pan’s shadow, our hosts investigate with or not they are just chasing shadow people.

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