Josh Kroeker

Host, creator, driving force and supernatural buff.

Favorite Topics


Josh has done extensive research on this topic and its ties to the Da Vinci Code, Mary Magdalene, and the Holy Grail.

Extra Terrestrials

Though it has terrified him since being a child, aliens and extra terrestrials is a topic that Josh finds fascinating.

Ancient Egypt

Josh has always been amazed by the beauty and mystery of the ancient Egyptian culture. He is particularly interested in advanced ancient technologies.

About Josh

This is his passion

Since being a young teenager, Josh has always wanted to know the truth behind this world’s mysteries. Over the years, he has grown more skeptical and finds that to be of value in his search for the answers.

Proud to be in the Pacific Northwest

Though originally from California, Josh has now lived in both Oregon and Washington and feels at home in the forests and lush green scenery. Josh enjoys hiking, kayaking and looking for hidden beauties out in nature.

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